Building Awesome Careers

"You have to value skills and not just degrees. You have to have new education models and new pathways to get people retrained and back into the workforce." - Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM Corporation

In this data-driven digital age, the world is doing business at the speed of thought. The way we work is in a dynamic state of change. What will guarantee our ability to keep up with the new demands of work? What will be the new skills and new knowledge you will require to navigate and excel in this new digital era?

Under the Work pillar, we are committed to producing future-ready graduates with relevant skills to excel in this digital age.

Exclusive Job Portals

When you study with us, you will be given access to appropriate channels to explore and secure an awesome career. You can sign up at, start engaging with industry players, and attend virtual interviews to begin building your dream career. is a specialised and free job portal for all law-related careers. It offers a resume service, regular job alerts, career tips and upskilling for the digital economy. is the perfect niche that will draw employers requiring law graduates and others whose jobs involve law, legal services and skills thus enabling you to easily connect with suitable employers.

Disability or living with special needs should not prevent you from holding a great job or starting your own business. We have – a job portal catering to individuals with special needs.

These portals also provide free training on resume writing, attending interviews, grooming, managing your finances, if you are newly employed, and other invaluable information for one starting off in a new career.

“Work” as a pillar in our “Learn Different” philosophy is not just about providing students with the required knowledge to graduate and hopefully find employment. It goes far beyond that.

We at VUC are committed to producing relevant, IR 4.0-ready graduates who will be empowered to own a future that will truly be worthwhile.