Building Awesome Character

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One of life’s most exhilarating moments is when you walk into your first day of college orientation, bright-eyed and hopeful for the many possibilities and choices that will come your way.  At Veritas College, you are exposed to an array of experiences outside your lecture theatres and classrooms. 

We have specifically designed a next gen holistic education ecosystem to ensure you are equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow. Upon enrolment, you will embark on a transformational adventure, immersing yourself in education, activities, opportunities and community-driven initiatives. 

While studying at our Learning Centres, you can participate in activities that are being held online.

Alongside your journey to becoming an industry leader, expert or professional, you will have the chance to join a myriad of online activities by BAC's that are held throughout the year. There will never be a dull moment at Veritas College!  

Whether you are studying online or on campus, your student life will be filled with exciting opportunities, where you can test your boundaries, make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Your student life will be nothing short of memorable.  Your educational journey is a period for you to curate stories and carve out a path for your future. But most importantly, you will make friends for life and gain invaluable experiences.